We offer a wide variety of activities for our students. Whether you are interested in athletics, the arts, or social clubs and community service, our school has opportunities for you. For more information about activities available at our school, please contact the main office.

Student Council

Student Council is an opportunity for students to get to know other students, develop leadership skills and influence what is happening in our school.  For more information please visit our student council webpage by clicking here.  Student Council Constitution is here.  

Eastdale CVI Student Activity Council will now be accepting applications to participate in next year's council. Students may choose to run for an Executive Position or participate as a general member of parliament.  

All applications are due by no later than Tuesday May 25th at 4pm.

Student Council Election Campaigns will take place May 31st until June 4th.

Student Council Elections will take place on Monday June 7th and Tuesday June 8th. 

Here is the link to the application form. Please note a description of duties is linked within the application form

Diversity Club

Diversity Club is a student leadership group that celebrates diversity, promotes inclusion and addresses equity issues.  We discuss important issues and plan events to promote inclusion, celebrate diversity, and raise awareness about equity issues.  If interested in joining, email Ms. Coronodo at .  For more information please visit our Diversity Club webpage by clicking here.

Student Podcast

Welcome to Ep. 01 of Eastdale's Student Podcast! A podcast for student voice to discuss social justice. Today's topic is Colorism. Listen to what the students of Eastdale have to say! Are you an Eastdale student who wants to be part of the conversation? Email Ms. MacGregor at

Eastdale Student Podcast – Episode 1 – Colourism