Eastdale School of the Arts

The Eastdale School of the Arts provides students with the opportunity to explore the arts. By enrolling in this this program, students will be able to register for two credits in the Arts in grade 9.

In grade 9, students can choose from Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance. As their skills and abilities improve in each area, they can continue exploring each area of the Arts in more depth in grade 10, 11 and 12. This pathway provides the opportunity for students to get involved and expand their creativity.

Students that are members of the Eastdale School of the Arts, who successfully complete 8 credits in the Arts will receive an additional certificate from the Eastdale School of the Arts upon graduation. As well, students will receive an Arts Certificate, from the DDSB, for those students who complete 6 Arts credits over the course of their high school career.

Students are not limited to taking 8 credits in the Arts. Many students discover that there are many avenues in the Arts to explore, and our program allows them the flexibility to do so. For example, a grade 9 student who enrolls in Vocal-Music and Drama, may decide to also enroll in a Musical Theatre course where they can be part of a the Eastdale Theatre Company and experience acting and singing at the same time. Click here to enroll in Eastdale school of the Arts.


 Examples of Pathways Students May Explore
 Grade 9 - Instrumental Music (AMU1O1) & Visual Art (AVI1O1) 

Grade 10 - Instrumental Music (AMU2O1) & Visual Art (AVI2O1)
Grade 11 - Instrumental Music (AMU3M1) & Visual Art (AVI3M1)
Grade 12 -Instrumental Music (AMU4M1) & Visual Art (AVI4M1)

Grade 9 - Drama (ADA1O1) & Dance (ATC1O1)
Grade 10 - Drama (ADA2O1) & Dance (ATC2O1)
Grade 11 - Drama (ADA3M1) & Dance (ATC3M1)
Grade 12 - Drama (ADA4M1) & Dance (ATC4M1)

Many students in this program begin to explore more areas of the Arts in their senior years and go beyond the required 8 credits. For example:
Grade 9 - Vocal Music (AMV1O1) & Drama (ADA1O1)
Grade 10 - Vocal Music (AMV2O1) & Drama (ADA2O1)
Grade 11 - Vocal Music (AMV3M1) & Drama (ADA3M1) & Music Theatre (ADB3M1)*
Grade 12 - Vocal Music (AMV4M1) & Drama (ADA4M1) & Music Theatre (ADB4M1)*
* courses that many students take to explore Drama in more depth.

Grade 9 - Instrumental Music (AMU1O1) & Visual Art (AVI1O1)
Grade 10 - Instrumental Music (AMU2O1) & Visual Art (AVI2O1)
Grade 11 - Instrumental Music (AMU3M1) & Visual Art (AVI3M1) & Ceramics (AWC3O1)**
Grade 12 - Instrumental Music (AMU4M1) & Visual Art (AVI4M1) & Non-Traditional Art (AWT3O1)**
**courses that many students take to explore Visual Arts in more depth.

Exceptions are made for students who discover their aptitude for the Arts after grade 9 and only obtain seven credits. Their pathway may look like the following three examples:
Grade 9 - Instrumental Music (AMU1O1)
Grade 10 - Instrumental Music (AMU2O1) & Pit Band (AMT2O1)
Grade 11 - Instrumental Music (AMU3M1) & Pit Band (AMT3M1)
Grade 12 - Instrumental Music (AMU4M1) & Pit Band (AMT4M1)


Grade 9 - Visual Art (AVI1O1) 

Grade 10 -Visual Art (AVI2O1) & Arts and Crafts (AWA3O1)
Grade 11 -Visual Art (AVI3M1 & Ceramics (AWC3O1)
Grade 12 - Visual Art (AVI4M1) & Non-Traditional Art (AWT3O1)

Grade 9 - Drama (ADA1O1)
Grade 10 - Drama (ADA2O1) & Technical Theatre (ADD2O1)
Grade 11 - Drama (ADA3M1) & Music Theatre (ADB3M1)
Grade 12 - Drama (ADA4M1) & Music Theatre (ADB4M1)
Visual Arts

Business and Computer Studies


Canadian and World Studies


Cooperative Education

 This program is intended to provide students with opportunities to:
    1. Take part in realistic work experience beyond that available in school
    2. Earn secondary school credit(s) towards their high school diploma (O.S.S.D.)
    3. Gain experiences which will help them in choosing the most appropriate post-secondary school program or training in order to achieve their educational career goal
    4. Experience on-the-job training that will help them to prepare for the eventual transition to the world of work
    5. Experience a broader range of skills, attitudes and interpersonal relations
    6. Investigate specific careers and areas of interest and assess their own suitability for employment in them
    7. Obtain real experience to record on their resumes to assist in entering the job market


The Eastdale CVI Co-op department consists of;


Meaghan Macdonald

Emily Swailes

Rebecca Wallace


For more information, see the Co-op Website

French & Classical Languages


Sean Bilmer - - Head of Department, Latin Teacher

Erin Boulley - - French Teacher

Meghan Mills - - French Teacher


Eastdale CVI offers language credits in both French and Latin, and provides students with a comprehensive Language Credit Pathway to prepare students for University and College level language programs. 


Why Choose Latin? 





Home of the Eastdale CVI Guidance Department

Health and Physical Education


Health and Physical Education 

This important curriculum helps students develop an understanding of wellness, while providing students the tools they need to form life long habits that will assist in overall mental and physical health.


Annual Eastdale Craft Show

This event is organized by the Physical Education Department in efforts to raise money to help support student athlete opportunities.  Vendors are able to purchase a booth at the show and sell their product.  Student-athlete volunteers help facilitate the show which happens that 3rd weekend in November annually. 



Go Eagles! 







Social Sciences and Humanities


Special Education


Technological Education

Students learn best by doing, especially when it comes to technological education courses. This is why we strive to develop courses that are activity-based and project-driven. These courses focus on providing students with the knowledge and skills required to develop their problem solving skills, while providing them with the unique opportunity to gain authentic experience in the technological subject area of their choice.

Teachers of Technological Education

Clint Sivitilli - Head of Department, Communications Technology -

Marie Agius - Hairstyling and Aesthetics -

Ron Bennett - Woodworking - 

Zalia Conde - Hospitality and Tourism - 

Ryan Duivesteyn - Technological Design -

Corey Fitz-Gerald - Transportation - 

Mark Makela - Manufacturing - 

Paul McKee - Construction -

Rebecca Wallace - Health Care - 


 Subject Areas
 Technological Design
 Woodworking Technology
 Hospitality and Tourism
 Transportation Technology
 Construction Technology
 Manufacturing Technology
 Communications Technology
 Health Care
 Exploring Technology
Women in Trades
 Clubs & Activities
 Robotics Club
 Media Services